PeopleCount Now

PeopleCount Now: Collaborating with NowSignage software to deliver capacity management displays for customer confidence combined with powerful data

Wherever customers are, in the current climate and into the foreseeable future, the requirement for safer social distancing is a new reality. Whether in retail, public venues or in transport hubs, to name just a few, managing the number of people on premises has never been more important.

Now, PPDS is working together with NowSignage to harness the power of our Android displays with the strength of NowSignage’s apps and software solutions, to bring a new wave of timely, tested, safer social distancing solutions for public settings.

Delivering invaluable management information, while at the same time keeping customers informed and engaged. Moving them, and you, back into business confidently.

Your PeopleCount Now
capacity management solution

Combining a versatile and easily adaptable Philips display together with a people sensing camera and feature rich software from NowSignage, this new solution boasts a range of high value benefits in a cost effective bundle.

From the flexibility of our Android-powered display with full access to NowSignage’s flexible dashboards, you’ll discover an easily customisable and fully scalable solution, with sensors that can be grouped for functionality across multiple entrances. All combining to bring you powerful insights, with all data collected and stored for in-depth management reporting and true data security, with all data transfer being fully encrypted.

Easy installation

PeopleCount is designed to make life easier – for customers, for businesses and for integrators. So, the PeopleCount Now solution, using a smart camera, a Philips display and NowSignage software, is easy to install. Follow our five steps toward encouraging people back into business and into the new norm with confidence.

Choose your compatible display

Philips displays, powered by our Android SoC, are designed to enable easy development and integration of software. Perfect for integrating with your safer social distancing capacity management solutions. Find your Philips display now.

P-Line Display

  • 55″
  • Powered by Android
  • 700 cd/m2

D-Line Display

  • 98″
  • Powered by Android
  • 500 cd/m²

H-Line Display

  • 75″
  • 3000 cd/m²
  • Ultra HD

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