Making PeopleCount

Making PeopleCount: Collaborating with Bosch Security Systems for your standalone display, app and camera solution, counting people in and out

Whether for a retail environment, a cinema or any other public venue, now, maintaining safe social distance is a priority. Regulating the number of people on your premises has never been more important.

Always working to deliver more than simple displays to business, at PPDS, we’ve combined our winning partnerships with the power of our Android displays to bring timely, tested, safe social distancing solutions for public settings. Designed to equip managers with the information they need to manage capacity effectively and efficiently, reducing overheads, while keeping their customers informed and engaged with both promotional and safety messaging. Moving them, and you, back into business confidently.

Making PeopleCount single entrance sensor and signage solution

The PeopleCount single entrance solution uses a sensor, which is connected to an app on the display at the entrance to the premises. This effective solution enables you to track the number of customers entering and leaving a public setting through a single entrance. Delivering real time information to the display for customer queue communications – alerting them when it’s unsafe to enter – via a simple traffic light system.

Making PeopleCount multi-entrance sensor and signage solution

The Making PeopleCount multi-entrance capacity management solution comprises sensors, which are connected to software that collects together the numbers of people entering and exiting at each door and transmits this to our app on the displays at each entrance. An inclusive Digital Signage experience to enhance customer information at Point of Sale and deliver powerful insights for effective capacity management and queue communications.

Easy installation

PeopleCount is designed to make life easier – for customers, for businesses and for integrators. So, the PeopleCount single entry solution, using an intelligent Bosch camera, a Philips display and our unique PeopleCount app, is simple to install and it doesn’t even require an internet connection. Follow our five steps toward encouraging people back into business and into the new norm with confidence.

Choose your compatible display

Philips displays, powered by our Android SoC, are designed to enable easy development and integration of software. Perfect for integrating with your safer social distancing capacity management solutions. Find your Philips display now.

P-Line Display

  • 55″
  • Powered by Android
  • 700 cd/m2

D-Line Display

  • 98″
  • Powered by Android
  • 500 cd/m²

H-Line Display

  • 75″
  • 3000 cd/m²
  • Ultra HD

Download your Making PeopleCount assets

From case studies and how to movies through to news items and, most importantly, your Making PeopleCount app and Bosch Security Systems software.